Friday, January 17, 2003
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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
I received my union membership magazine today.

The cover says 'Fighting For the Family Farm and Rights for Agriculture Workers'. A lovely cartoon accompanies the title. The picture is of a giant white guy in a suit smoking a cigar. He's stomping through a farm. In one hand he has a big bag of money, in the other is half a silo. He has just stomped on a barn and is chasing some people off the land. There's also a positively terrified-looking goat near his left foot. I think maybe the goat is the most terrified because he's stuck behind a fence. There's just no escape for him. In addition to the goat and the fleeing people, there's a chicken and a dog doing their damnedest to get the hell outta there. They don't look as distraught as the goat, but the chicken does appear to have lost some feathers in the melee.

My response after seeing the above picture: 'ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking Communists!!!!!!!!'

Why do people have such resentment towards those who make money? What is the fukkin problem here!??!!?!? Why is a person who makes money automatically accused of being a selfish prick who cares for nothing but his own bank account?

If I work hard to get into a career that pays well, and my skills are in demand, and I'm good at what I do, why shouldn't I be rewarded for that? Shouldn't a computer programmer get paid more than a person who works at McDonald's? Of course they should.

These people seem to think that the wealthy have money because they're lucky. While not everyone who is wealthy had to work hard for their money, not everyone who is wealthy had it handed to them either. I'm willing to work for my money, and I will feel absolutely NO shame for the money I make. If these people who sat around bitching and moaning about how little they have would get their shit together and work at getting somewhere in their lives, we'd all be better for it. It may be harder for some people than others to get an education and a good job, but hey, that's life. We are NOT all equal. As much as some would like us to be, we are not. That's the way it is. So what do you do when you come to that realization? You accentuate your strengths, work to improve your weaknesses, and do the best you can to take care of yourself without looking for someone to blame for what you don't have.

Ahhhhhhhhh sweet logic. I love the way I think.