Wednesday, October 23, 2002
What do you say to a guy that likes you but is so damn nervous all the time you suspect that if you said the wrong thing he'd explode? There's this guy in my math class that sits behind me. He seems to blush over nothing - all the time. I swear he likes me. I know that could come across as conceited but I'm telling you he keeps giving me hints. It's not like me to assume these things so the fact that I get this vibe from him has to mean something.
At first we just said the odd 'hello' in passing and I didn't think much of it. Then one day during a break we were talking about previous jobs/schooling and he seemed over-interested. You know how it is....when a person says 'wow' to something you said that is not deserving of a 'wow'. Interesting, yes. Wowing, no. That's when I started to get the hint.
So anyway last week I turned around to help him with something (he's always poking me in the back with his pencil asking me for assistance - another sign) and guess what he said? He didn't actually need help with a question.....

He said: 'Ummm...I know this may sound a bit crazy but can you see this big whitehead on my face right here?' ...and as he said it he pointed to the area.

What the hell was I supposed to do at that point? Being the sweet girl I am I laughed it off and said 'no, don't worry about it I can't see anything' cuz I didn't want to embarass the guy....and that wasn't a lie anyway. I really couldn't see anything there. So I wouldn't have been embarassing him by saying 'yes, I see a big fat zit'. I'm just assuming it would've been embarassing for him if I had said 'why, exactly, are you asking me whether I can see your zits?' I mean, I'd be embarassed if the roles were reversed. Wouldn't you?

Anyway, being the logical person I am I had to come up with a reason for him to have posed the zit question. I'm pretty sure he was thinking 'omg I have this zit and I can't hide it so I have to work with it. I know! I'll ask her if she can see it just so she knows I know it's there.' Either that or he was just trying to make conversation but I think that's a long shot. I mean, was there nothing he could come up with besides blemishes? I was a bit dumbfounded. And embarassed for him to some degree. You know that feeling, when somebody says something incredibly stupid and you want to crawl under a rock for them?

Anyway that's it for now. I've gone on about a zit and a silly question for much longer than I had intended. I'll keep ya posted on the situation. (the guy and his liking me and such - not the progress of the zit on his face)

Monday, October 21, 2002
I listened to a bit of Tom Leykis on the way to school tonight. He is THE MAN. If you haven't heard of him you're missing out. If you're a feminist woman (and by that I mean 'femi-nazi') you'll probably hate him....but that is what makes the man rich and famous. He's irresistable whether you love him or hate him. Millions of people tune in to his show every day because a) he makes them really angry or b) cuz they agree with nearly everything he says. There's not a lot of in between.

I have a girlfriend who is thoroughly offended by him. I've tried to understand her point of view but I just can't. Okay, I understand why she arrives at her conclusions, but I can't relate. So many of Tom's beliefs ('teachings') bother her. One of which is his belief that when a woman is pregnant and 'denies' sex to her husband because of her physical state, it is her duty to 'take care of him'. This translates to blowjobs a-plenty...or maybe just handjobs. Whatever it takes to get the job done. Tom believes that the man shouldn't have to be sexually frustrated just because the woman is pregnant. Now, some are shocked and appalled at the very idea. Many women, after hearing such a theory, would gasp and say it's degrading. They of course would go on about how the man should be waiting on the woman hand and foot because she is carrying his child and it's difficult and yadda yadda. (sorry I can't help yadda yadda'ing sometimes. you get the point.)

The men who agree with Tom, for the most part, just think it's cool: 'Heh heh, heh heh, Tom says I should get some' ~grin~ Sorry guys but I just don't picture you really finding any logic in this opinion. I'm not saying there couldn't be any logic, I'm just saying you really don't care if it's there or not. Ya just get as far as knowing you're gonna get some and that's all the convincing you need.

Now back to the women vehemently disagreeing with such a notion: My whole theory is that if that's not how you want to live your life, and that's not something you would ever do to please a man, then don't do it. What exactly is there to be angry about here?

I can only come up with one logical explanation for the anger:

- These women are scared that Tom is teaching a nation of men to think about women in unequal/unfair/subhuman ways...but more importantly, they're afraid they're going to 'end up' with a man like that.

Here's the key that these women have overlooked:

***Tom teaches men how to get more tail - NOT how to be caring, considerate, loving, mature relationship-type guys.***

So, when you consider that, there's really nothing to be offended about. A woman can only blame herself for being with a moron who can't think with anything but his penis.

Ladies, if you want a man that treats you like gold, then DON'T try to make a boyfriend out of a guy that's using Leykis 101 as it was intended: to get some tail. If you can't admit that it is YOUR fault that you're with a loser, and you have to blame it on somebody else (Tom), well, you're in denial. But perhaps more importantly, you're an idiot.

You're only good for cookin and cleanin. Oh, and sex if he needs/wants it.


Sunday, October 20, 2002
Hey there...I skipped a day to let that first kvetch sink in. That or I was just too busy yesterday to post.

Update on my saturday: went to the gym bright and early (felt good! YAY ME!), went shopping/browsing downtown with some girlfriends in the afternoon. I saw the Degrassi Junior High shirt I wanted a long time ago but forgot to go back and get so I think I'll do that on payday. Wasn't that the best show!? I just loved it. Spike was cool cuz she was rebellious but not a weirdo like her friend Liz. Remember her? The one with the shaved head. She was a bit out there. Joey was my favourite guy. I always thought he was cute despite the silly hat and that t-shirt with the tuxedo printed on the front. Oh and I never understood his attraction to Caitlin. Nice girl and all but come on.....she was so greenpeace-ish. Remember when she hooked up with Claude and got busted spray-painting a building? I think it was about animal rights. The cops showed up and Claude took off, Caitlin got her coat caught on the fence and couldn't get away before the cops nabbed her. So she was busted and he wasn't when it had been his idea all along. That bastard!

Okay enough of that. After the shopping I went out and got PISSED. Ooooooooh baby I was loaded. I felt like SHITE this morning. Didn't do much today - couldn't really. I mostly lounged in the living room. Ahhhhhh the perfect sunday. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was on. Pretty good movie...although I'm not quite sure why there was such a big fuss about it. The Oscar-worthiness of it was lost on me. It was good, but I wasn't floored. But then, I also don't see how Moulin Rouge even got to the silver screen never mind winning awards. Perhaps I'm too picky.

Okay about the first kvetch: I said at the beginning that I was here to kvetch and only kvetch. I must take that back now cuz it has occurred to me that sometimes I might not have a kvetch to put in here. Well no it's not that I won't have one, it's that I won't feel good about only briefly mentioning the issue, and since the alternative is to write lots and lots and lots I may be too lazy/tired to do it. In which case this blog will double as a journal. Much like today.

Well that's it for now. I'll leave you with a quote off a shirt I saw while shopping yesterday. I considered getting it but the Degrassi one calls out to me more. This one deserves honourable mention though:

'Stereotyping Saves Time'

Tee hee.