Friday, October 18, 2002
Hello and welcome to my blog. For those of you not familiar with yiddish, here's what kvetch means:

Kvetch (kvech), Slang-v.i. 1. to complain, esp. chronically. -n. 2. Also, kvetch'er. a person who kvetches

Alright I'm not much for introductions, I'm just gonna start kvetching. If you wanted an intro and some background on me well tough shit. I'm not here to do an autobiography, I'm here to complain (chronically). All you need know is that I'm young and beautiful. It will soon become evident that I'm incredibly intelligent, funny and witty to boot. Oh, and modest. Let's not forget that.

So anyway, I have thought long and hard about my inaugural kvetch. It's not at all that I couldn't think of something to kvetch about, it was that I couldn't choose which kvetch to start with. This first one is a big deal. It could be the kvetch that makes or breaks me. Okay maybe it's not that serious. I just wanted to be moved by the topic. And then I was watching the news yesterday and I felt this urge to rip my own hair out and scream so I thought hmmmmm, that's pretty moving. So here goes...

Recently in these parts there has been a rash of unruly 'homeless' people taking over abandoned buildings and refusing to leave unless the government commits more money to social housing. Okay, it hasn't been a 'rash' (only two or three that I can think of). But still, it's enough to take note. Oh and by the way I say 'homeless' in quotes like that because some of them are the 'fairweather homeless'. Or shall I call them the 'badweather homeless'? You know, the ones who really have a place to live (while it may be wreaking of soy and all things granola, it's still a place to live), yet they choose to pretend they don't for the sake of the current protest. So they get the old campin gear together and head down to the protest of the week to show their solidarity. They're not homeless but damned if that's gonna stop em! So anyway, they all head down there, paint banners, play bongo drums, chant, snear at police and do whatever else comes to mind.....whatever it takes to spread the word that us fat cats have failed them and society in 'denying' them affordable housing. This usually includes the use of megaphones because, as we all know, saying a stupid point loud makes it a valid point. (Question: How do they afford megaphones? How much does a megaphone run ya these days? That's a lot of panhandling)

This situation plays out the same way every time: 'homeless' take over building (always on a slow news day), media covers event, media covers and re-covers event giving homeless opportunity to tell the world how downtrodden they are, police warn them they are trespassing and must leave, constant media updates follow, 'homeless' point at police and say to media 'see? see how we're being abused!?!?!', police obtain warrant to enter building and remove 'homeless', 'homeless' lose.

Okay so having said that do we think that perhaps the 'homeless' and whatever other crazed hippies feel like protesting that day might take a different approach if what they REALLY want is change. Oh no sir! That's not the way it works. They don't want change. What the hell would they do with themselves if they moved UP in the world!?! WORK?!?! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which leads me right into this....

I was watching the news yesterday at noon. A reporter had gone down to this occupied building and was interviewing the 'forgotten ones'. One man described the plight of his people and pointed to sad little tents set up inside the building, side by side, and the little makeshift kitchen down in the corner of the room. Twas all very heartbreaking and yadda yadda. Following this, the reporter asked the man 'so why don't you have a job?'.

The man's response: 'uh....uh....' ~eyebrows lift~ ~eyes pop out a bit~ '....well...uh.....that's a good question.'

I kid you not my friends. That is exactly what the man said and how he reacted. The guy was blindsided.

A good question indeed.